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“JoAndra was excellent, hard working, great attitude, needed very little direction, 10/10 from me!”
~ Lee Ali, client, FIA, Chicago, October ’16


“We were extremely happy with Laura. Her knowledge of our products was excellent and she was consistently professional in her pitch. In fact I like her so much that I am trying to see if there is budget to utilize a lead detector at Gartner Data Center on December 5-7.”
~ Beth Swartz, client, Gartner ITxpo, Orlando, October ’16


“I have to say that Manuela was absolutely fantastic. She did an amazing job for us and managed to get so many people to our booth. The majority of people were rushing to attend sessions but Manuela was very convincing and constantly re-routed attendees to our booth. She is a true professional and also great fun to work with.”
~ Lee Ali, client, PDA, Huntington Beach, October ’16


“You can put Laima in your rock star category, hard worker, sweet and easy to work with. I would like to reserve her for Infosec and IPExpo next year.”
~ Richard Laible, client, IP Expo, London, October ‘16


“Angela was amazing as usual! She always has an amazing attitude and arrives everyday refreshed and ready to go. She produced outstanding lead numbers! I would like to re-book her for next year November 6 – 9, 2017.”
~ Leslie Courtney, client, Dreamforce, San Francisco, October ’16


“Jess was great.”
~ Golbue Baghai, client, Strata Hadoop, New York, September ’16


“I was beyond happy with Lana, JoAndra and Bethany. They were professional, upbeat and outgoing. They worked hard to not just scan attendees but to engage as well. They learned our messaging quickly and would pull people into the booth for demos or conversations with our sales engineers. They seamlessly integrated with our staff and it was a real pleasure to have them with us. They made a difference in our booth.”
~ Beth Swartz, client, MS Ignite, Atlanta, September ’16


“Angela was the whole package! She was absolutely in her element! Our personalities complemented one another, and we were highly entertaining to the attendees. I can tell that she is multi-talented, extremely smart, and is truly comfortable in any situation.”
~ Kathryn N, co-talent, MS Ignite, Atlanta, September ’16


150% happy with Kathryn.”
~ Doreen Jacobi, client, MS Ignite, Atlanta, September ’16


“Hedy was fabulous. A real asset to the show. She has a spunk and is smart. She picked right up and did great. We had a bad booth location plus a pillar obstructing a view but we ended up with 220 good leads.”
~ Kimberley Dawn, client, WEFTEC, New Orleans, September ’16


“Lisa was great. Everyone commented on how eager she was and how I chose a great Lead Generator.”
~ Golbue Baghai, client, O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence, New York, September ’16


“Candice was fantastic as always. I could not have done it without her.”
~ Vijita U.G., client, CEDIA, Dallas, September ’16


“Lana was great. She set a new scan record for us. She is a superstar. We would love to have her back on future shows.”
~ Brett Stokke, client, CEDIA, Dallas, September ’16


“Sarrah is a gem. She did a beautiful job! She was so professional and kind. Smart as a whip! And you know me, I keep them hopping. We got over 240 leads where others were getting much fewer. She did a great job especially for the first time with us.”
~ Kimberley Dawn, client, The Battery Show, Novi, September ’16


“We were very happy with Lucy. She contributed tremendously to the success of our show. We hope to work with her again next year.”
~ Wael Yasin, client, IBC, Amsterdam September ’16


“We were so happy with all five of them. They have all exceeded our expectations!! Please make sure I have them back next year if they are available. Thanks for supplying such great team again.”
~ Martine Genereux, client, IBC, Amsterdam September ’16


8th year in a row, Elza was great. Everyone loves her. She is very professional and always willing to help.”
~ Kelli Benevento, client, IBC, Amsterdam September ’16


“Melati and Shalay were a perfect fit for us and I was 100% happy. It’s a long show and they handled it really well. They had a great energy and infectious personalities. They managed all customers, even the socially awkward ones with ease. They introduced the product very well before handing it over to us. It worked so well we needed a roster for our engineers to be on the stand throughout the show.”
~ Tim Langridge, client, IBC, Amsterdam, September ’16


1000% happy again with Elena. Please pre-book for next year.”
~ Robert Lisman, client, IBC, Amsterdam, September ’16


“We are extremely pleased with JoAndra. She did an amazing job for us. We couldn’t imagine any better.
~ Carlos Lugo, client, American Coatings Show ’16


“We were really happy with Julie and JoAndra. They picked up the key message fast and generated great leads. On top of that they listened to our technical sales reps and used all new information immediately and correctly.”
~ Melanie Schultes, client, MS Envision ’16


“Crystal was a great representation of the Audi brand. Please extend our thanks to her.”
~ Alan Cruciani, client, Red Cross Gala ’16


“Andrea is fantastic. She really got into the Secret Shopper role. She hit all 21 exhibitors and turned in a valuable report.
~ Brian Karas, client, ISC West ’16


“Ursula is great.
~ Vito Verzura, client, AAE ’16


“We give Kathryn five stars. Our lead count was at 150% in comparison to last two years prior.”
~ Carole Baker, client, SuperComputing ’15

RAPID MIND: SIGGRAPH, August 7 – 9, 2007 San Diego

29621293“SIGGRAPH 2007 was an overwhelming success for our company. Your professional and magnetic approach directly impacted the level of traffic through our booth. On the first day alone, we surpassed our estimated total leads, and doubled our leads quota by show close. This buzz around our booth not only attracted potential customers, it caught the attention of giants in our industry, who now recognize RapidMind as a leader in the space and valuable partner for the future. I would not consider organizing another event if it did not include your stellar services. Thank you.”

~ Mark Sangster, Marketing Manager, RapidMind

vAUTO: NADA, February 3 – 6, 2007 Las Vegas

30006629“By the end of the second day [of a four day show NADA], we had already exceeded our sales and lead generation goals. With four kiosks to demonstrate the system and a “lead detector” to create booth traffic, we not only closed a record number of sales at the show, but we collected enough qualified leads to break company sales records in the two months following the convention.”

~ Keith Jezek, CEO, vAuto

OLYMPUS AMERICA, INC.: Clinical Lab Expo, July 17 – 19, 2007 San Diego

30006630“Two week’s before our biggest show, Lead Detector’s came to our rescue when we were asked by upper management to prepare an investigative product platform solution survey to the clinical chemistry laboratory market. In that short time, we worked together through wording the questions and orchestrating the in-booth approach.

Onsite, the Lead Detector hosts that were selected showed up on time and dressed professionally. They quickly became informed on our product and familiar with our booth personnel. In fact, some of our own employees thought they were new sales reps based on how fast they learned. Not only did they conduct surveys, but they multitasked without being asked by directing visitors and executing our promotional activities when we were busy.

Overall, they provided excellent service and experience. We definitely were successful in obtaining the information that had been requested and yielded 150 content-rich surveys.”

~ Jennifer Reed, Marketing Communications Analyst Life Science Group, Olympus America Inc.

VOLICON, INC.: NAB, April 16 – 19, 2006 Las Vegas

30006631We have worked with Lead Detectors in the past who provided us with on site crowd gathering talent. I have had an excellent experience working with Lead Detectors management and have nothing but praise for their services. Their girls, whom we employed for the NAB Show in Las Vegas, behave in a very professional manner, are quick to learn the uses and applications of our products, are friendly and enthusiastic, and few even speak multiple languages, which is very useful in international tradeshows such as the NAB. Last but not least, they are beautiful.

~ Julius Perl, Vice President of Marketing, Volicon, Inc.

LINUX MAGAZINE: Multiple Shows 2002 – Present

30620059_scaled_172x112“There is no one else in the world I would rather hire to represent our company at a tradeshow or any other type of event. Andrea and her team are unparalleled in the level of charm, professionalism, and intelligent customer service they bring to our marketing efforts. Any day she spends working for us makes our company better. Period.”

~ Adam Goodman, Owner, Linux Magazine

SEARCHREV: Ad: Tech & SES 2006/2007/2008

35188473“Since we began to work with Lead Detectors nearly two years ago, the professional talent supplied by them has had a huge impact on our lead gathering efforts and our overall tradeshow presence. The intelligent women that we work with are usually assumed to be part of our company and have represented a rather technical message with surprising effectiveness. Very few conference attendees are able to resist the magnetic elegance of these women. We’ve seen the best and the worst in this industry and Lead Detectors is the best of the best.”

~ Jim Vetter, Director of Business Development, SearchRev