Professional Trade show Talent Worldwide


Lead Generation and Qualifying

We actively approach attendees with qualifying question to determine whether or not they are your potential customer. If they are we intrique them with one strong sentence describing what your company does and invite the attendee to speak with one of your sales people. For example please click on our About Us page.

Presenters/Ear Prompter Specialists

You can do an on-microphone presentation at your trade show booth. You will reach larger audience in a shorter time, and you will reach the audience that is uncomfortable to come up to talk to your salespeople. We have the best Presenters and Ear Prompter Specialists in the country. Your product can have the most difficult terminology; it is no problem. Some of our Talent have an amazing ability to help with creating of the script, so it is easy for the audience to follow, rather than being too technical.

Crowd Gatherers

This position goes hand in hand with a presentation. You can have a crowd gatherer to invite people to listen to the presentation. Once the presentation starts, she/he will scan the attendee’s badges and give out prices for attending the presentation.


We have experienced, beautiful, well-mannered, and extremely personable females and males to help you at your trade show booth. They will give out samples or promotional items, scan badges, and work the front desk. We can also provide multi-lingual hostesses, speaking Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Mandarin, Tagalog, Swedish, etc.

Product Demonstrators/Sales People

We provide salespeople that you can hire specifically for your trade shows, so you don’t have to pull your own salespeople from the field. Our product demostrators/sales people are trained to actively approach the audience, which generates double to quadruple amount of qualified leads for your company.